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In this section can be downloaded documents that gradually are made under the actions of the project.

To view the documents, click on the name.

Action A1 - Report indicator species and community indices (download the document)

Action A2 - Forest inventories, flora, etc.., Cartography (download the document)

Action C5 - Guidelines for Forest Management (planned for 30/06/2015)

Action D1 - Report cartography and monitoring after (planned for 30/09/2014)

Action E1 - Templates for Notice-boards, cartellonisitca (download the cartels)

Action E1 - Templates for Notice-boards, cartellonisitca (planned for 30/09/2014 )

Action E2 - Acts 1 Work-shop (download the documentation)

Action E2 - Proceedings of the final conference (planned for 30/09/2015)

Action E4 - Publishing project, Layman's report (planned for 31/12/2015)

Action E4 - Publication brochure (download the brochure)

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Carabus olympiae, steno-endemic species of Val Sessera, lives in a very small area within forest habitats. In the last century the species was threatened with extinction by collectors, but thanks to the characteristics of the habitat in which they live, that can provide shelter and food, this insect was able to overcome the phases of the population regression.



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LIFE+ is a financial instrument to support environmental policy of the European Community, adopted for the first time in 1992. The LIFE + program is divided into three major areas of action: Nature and Biodiversity, Environmental policies and government of the territory, Communication and Information.

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21 giugno 2013 - work-shop LIFE CARABUS

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