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The Network session was celebrated with success on February 27 in Turin

Last Friday, February 27, 2015, the Network session of the project was celebrated in Turin, at the Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology

5 Italian LIFE projects have participated: LIFE CARABUS, LIFE FAGUS, LIFE MIPP, LIFE MANFOR and LIFE PPROSPOT. In addition to the projects that have had space for the presentation, 4 LIFE projects join to the session network: LIFE Monti della Tolfa, LIFE Making Good Natura, LIFE RESILFOR and LIFE RESILFORMED.

The day was divided into two parts: the morning was dedicated to the presentation of the projects that have had about an hour to explain in detail the good practices developed and the technological and scientific results of the projects. The afternoon was dedicated to the establishment of a working group of the experiences on the forestry and conservation of plant and animal biodiversity in the Italian Natura 2000 network.

The day can be considered a success, with a large number of visitors (about sixty people from all over Italy), the participants were particularly interested and involved. The round table has had a public participation with many interventions demonstrating significant expectations for future collaborations in the field of the dissemination of forestry good practices developed during these projects.

 Below you can download the presentations of the speakers of the meeting:

Miozzo-The purpose of the Network

Burrascano- LIFE FAGUS part 1

Burrascano- LIFE FAGUS part 2


Di Santo & Di Paulis- LIFE FAGUS

Mason Hardersen & Campanaro- LIFE MIPP

Matteucci- LIFE MANFOR



Mori & Pelleri- LIFE PPROSPOT


Negro & Berretti- LIFE CARABUS