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Species distribution and biology

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Distribution: it is a species endemic of the Italian Biella Alps, an area being part of the Pennine Alps. The 'historic range' is located in Alta Sessera, at an altitude between 1380 and 1420 m above sea level on the northern slopes of the ridge Bocchetto Sessera - Monte Brand - Moncerchio - Rocca dell'Argimonia. Another population was identified by Casale and Rondolini (1978) in an area of beech forest at an altitude considerably lower (800 m). The exact location of this site has never been made public for reasons related to the conservation of the species. 

Life cycle and stages of development of Carabus olympiaeCarabus olympiae has been the subject of very detailed studies about its life cycle, conducted by expert entomologists such as Sturani (1947) and Malausa (1978). We also can not overlook the important experiences of the naturalist Titian Pascutto who raised and documented by photographic point of view the pre-imaginal stages of development.