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First larvase of Carabus olympiae are born

We are in the octave week of monitoring. We are still capturing Carabus olympiae despite the peak has been overcame. The majority of captured captured insects have been photographed, marked and released in areas bordering interventions.
Regarding breedings, numerous eggs have been laid. Some larvae are born. It is under study the development process and environmental parameters optimal for breeding.
Today the traps  and the data-loggers in reforested areas of
Zegna property were removedto allow free access to the area as in coming days cutting operations will start. In the reforestation of Piedmont Region and in areas of the beech forest, monitoring will continue until the first decade of August.

Action 'A2' is finalised

A2 action finalised

It is ended the action A2 "Set up of naturalisticmonitoring network". This action has allowed us to acquire and process information on the ecological characteristics of the forest areas in which specific actions will be implemented.

Download here the Report on the naturalistic monitoring network: it includes 5  Deliverables:

Forest and dendrometric inventory of reforested beeches

Deadwood inventory in forests

Floristic inventory within forest

Characterization of ecotones and shrubs environments

Floristic inventory of nardetum


LIFE CARABUS at New biogreographical process for the Alpine Region (2)

New biogreographical process for the Alpine Region - Preparatory workshop

Schladming, June 10th -11st 2013

Giorgio Vacchiano from DBIOS participated at the preparatory workshop of New Biogreographical process for alpine biogeographycal region. The workshop was coordinated by members of the EU-Life committee, with the participation of 20 representatives of Life projects funded between 2009 and 2012 in Italy, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Austria and Germany.


The projects were selected among those ongoing, interesting 22 habitats chosen as the goal of the New Biogreographical process under the following categories: forests, grasslands, wetlands, and freshwater.

The purpose of the meeting was to gather the experiences of Life projects in terms of (1) problems emerged, and (2) management practices in these habitats. The pointed out solutions will be used to inform the participants at the seminar of the New Biogreographical process that will take place in Graz June 12 to 14, 2013, and for the preparation of management guidelines.

The meeting took place in a constructive and informal atmosphere. On June 10, was presented the purpose of the New Biogreographical process for the Alpine region. 4 study cases were also presented in detail concerning LIFE projects in forests, grasslands, wetlands, and freshwater. The latter (the restoration of functions of ecosystem in Enn river) has been discussed during a field visit on June 11: measures put in place in three strategic points of the watercourse for renaturalization and improvement of flora (floodplain forests) and fauna (fish or not) were illustrated.

Finally, on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 11 discussion groups were held, identified according to different habitat category, in which representatives of each project were able to exchange experiences and identify common problems and solutions for the habitats selected by the New Biogreographical process. On this occasion, the experience in the management of beech coppice matured by Life-Carabus was explained to the participants of the workshop and this will represent as an integral part of the proposals that will be presented at the workshop in Graz




Friday, June 21st at 10:00 am will be held at the hotel Bucaneve in Bielmonte in Valsessera, Province of Biella, the workshop of the project: LIFE Carabus.


The workshop is aimed at comparing similar experiences concerning preservation of rare species of invertebrates. On this occasion, the working group will also present the general outline of the project and will gain from the experiences of the speakers, all the information needed to optimize the actions to be undertaken during the project.