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Action 'A1' is finalised

UNIVERSITY OF TURIN (DBIOS) DEPARTMENT OF LIFE SCIENCE AND BIOLOGY successfully completed the first main ACTIVITY of the project from a scientific point of view.

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C1 and C2 actions are continuing

Silvicultural actions C1 and C2 are at an advanced stage.

The action C1 focuses on measures to improve forest habitat for Carabus, through the implementation of silvicultural re-naturalization of manmade forests: this will be done both on Regional lands and properties of Oasi Zegna. Planned interventions can be seen on the project workingplan (only on Zegna properties) and concern the creation of small cleared plot in forest to allow forest native species to vegatate.

L'azione C2 riguarda interventi di miglioramento di habitat aperti  per Carabus,  attraverso la realizzazione di interventi selvicolturali di miglioramento nelle faggete. In analogia all'azione C2 anche in questo caso le proprietà interessate sono quelle regionali pubbliche e quelle private di Oasi Zegna The action C2 covers interventions to improve open habitats for Carabus, through the implementation of silvicultural improvements of beech woods. As the action of C1 even in this case actions are implemented on public and private properties within Oasi Zegna (project workplan only for Zegna properties).

In this case interventions are designed to test different silvicultural models so as to include, as a result of the monitoring of Carabus, which of them is more suited to the preservation of the species.

Under the report of C1 and C2 actions you can watch at the photogallery about silvicultural actions.


Action C3: work close to be finalised


The action C3 foresees the reduction of shrubs covering in areas close to beech forest. The reduction of shrub cover will be carried out according to a randomized mosaic.


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Workshop Proceedings

The papers of the workshop held on June 21st in Bielmonte in Valsessera are available for download in pdf!


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Larvae grow!

After eighth week of activities under action A1 the first larvae, collected from individuals in the forest, born. The species is transferred to breeding cells where larvase are fed with snails. In the pictures below you observe predation in captivity by Carabus.

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