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The monitoring of Carabus olympiae continues

The monitoring of Carabus olympiae continues: from the first days of June were captured a total of 27 Carabus olympiae in 120 traps. Of these animals,18 were fitted with a radio transmitter and subsequently released into the beech forest managed according to the traditional practice of silviculture and in a beech forest control. Several specimens have lost the radio after a few surveys but all in all, despite the difficulties due to weather conditions, the results are interesting.

The next year we will do the same experiment in the areas of beech forest that will be cut following practices more responsive to the conservation of the species. The experiment of radio telemetry for this year is heading toward the end as the period of maximum activity of the species is June / July.

With regard to breeding at the Monte Marca there are four pairs in terrariums. Some eggs have been laid and in the coming weeks we will see if we are able to complete the development.