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Second monitoring visit


The LIFE project CARABUS (Protection and conservation of habitat of species for the consolidation of the population of Carabus olympiae in Valsessera) received the second monitoring visit the 8 and 9 of May of 2014. The visit took place in Trivero, in the headquarters of Ermenegildo Zegna (project coordinator), by Stefania dall'Olio, member of the external monitoring group, Astral-Timesis, the European Commission uses this group to monitor the performance of the LIFE projects.


In the meeting participated actively different members of all the partners (the Piedmont Region, Comunità montana Vallemosso- Prealpi Biellesi, University of Turin, Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology and Department of Forestry and Food and Agricultural Sciences and DREAM Italy). The meeting highlighted the correct conduct of all beneficiaries involved as the project provided. On the day of 9th of May took place a verification of the field works in the areas that the project aims to re-naturalise and on the beech trees areas that will be submitted to the forestry interventions aimed at improving habitat conditions of Carabus olympiae.